Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recreate my inner self??

Recreate my inner self.  OK, so I heard this on The Nate Show.  I absolutely love his show.  That is exactly what I need to do is to recreate my inner self.  I was officially fired at Dr. Lucy's office on Monday.  Go ME!!  Now what do I want to do??  I need to focus on what I like to do and become really good at it.  I suppose that is why I wanted to do this blog.  I want to get better at my crafting and cooking.  I want to be able to make money at them and make them unique.  

That doesn't mean that I want to change from the whole Shabby cheap thing, it just means I want to make it more appealing.  I want people to say WOW, that's cool.   Like when I made this coin collage.  It has the machine pressed coins and Los Vegas tokens that I saved for years.  My family couldn't help staring at it.  I thought they were thinking it was really weird.  But months later my sister was telling me she thought I should do something like it for my niece.  She was really in awe.   I made hers with coins jewelry and buttons.

I want people to want the things that I can make.  But I will need to continue to work on my inner self.  - I guess.

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