Friday, April 15, 2011

My Quest

Today I signed up to be a shadow shopper.   This would be a dream job for me.  I think it would be fun to shop and get paid for it.  I also signed up to do demos at stores.  I've always thought this would be great.  It would be great to give someone their first sample of something.  To see their expression.  Good or bad.

I am obsessed with getting samples.  I even got a coupon for a free men's hair dye.  My man has never had a desire to use hair coloring, nor do I care to have him use it.  But do you know how hard it was for me to throw away the coupon.  If it is free, then I probably want it.  I'll wish I had it at some point.  Wait, too late, my neighbor dies his hair he could have used it.  I know I need to get a grip. 

My most recent samples include Adkins Bars, a Breathe Rite Nose Strip, an arthritis pain patch, a deep cleaning pore strip and Don't text and Drive rings (you wear them to remind you not to text and drive), and shampoo and conditioner.  See I really am sick.  Maybe its like gamblers or alcoholics.  Do you think they have a place for you to go to meeting for sampling addiction?

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