Wednesday, April 13, 2011


OK - So here goes the first post ever - remember this is just a test.  My projects aren't always thought out, they are more inspired.  I like some idea and make it mine.  These lampshades came about after a friend gave me a huge amount of inexpensive jewelry.  I first decided to do the first shade with some pins. 

Then came my idea of using the pins that I collected from various tourist attractions over the years.  So that explains the next lampshade.   

Then came the one  with 41 identical earrings.  It is still a shade in progress. 

 And the last one is my lampshade with doileys and pins.  And yes I am sure it is the last one, still unfinished but one day it will again be inspiring.  You work with whatever comes along.  Yes, I know my design style is SHABBYCHEAP.

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