Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Need Your Help Nate -

I love to collect things, but I realize that I have too many collections.  I have been collecting all of these things -

Beanie Babies

Mortars and pestles

Raggedy Ann and Andy





Pumpkins (even Elvis with pumpkins)

Chili Peppers

Cookbooks (look - more Elvis and Beanie Babies)

Samples & Freebies

Fairies (look even fairies on chili peppers)

Longaberger Baskets  (note the Madame Alexander dolls in the baskets)

There's even more, buttons, bottle caps, jewelry, PEZ dispensers... The list goes on and on.  My hubby says we don't live in a house, we live in a museum.  I think it might be borderline hoarding.  I need to find some way to make things more visually appealing and less cluttered.  Do I need to get rid of some things or is there some way I can blend these things together?


Footnote -

I submitted this to the Nate Berkus Show

(I am totally hooked on his show).  Here is the link -

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