Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, my birthday is coming up.  That is the really old birthday of all birthdays.  I don't expect anyone to run right out and buy me something, but you can if you want to.  I thought it would be fun to make a list -

These are 50 things I want for being 50:

 1. Perfume

 2. Costco Membership
 3. Exercise Bike
 4. Cast Iron Skillet (lost it in the move - the only thing
    pineapple upside down cake tastes good in)
 5. To start settling my debts
 6. Motivation
 7. American Eagle Floral Shirt

 8. My shower fixed
 9. Land's End Canvas Shirt dress

10. New used car
12. World Peace
13. Sugar Daddy's Brownies

14. Cooking Class
15. A dinner at The Melting Pot
16. Corning Ware Casserole Dish
17. A night at the movies
18. Marcasite Earrings
19. My toilet fixed
20. Tunnel of Fudge Bunt Cake
21. Samples - can't ever get enough
22. Daybed put together upstairs
23. A full tank of gas
24. A beautiful flower bed
25. Candles
26. A bowl of blue colored fish (saw this in a movie)
27. New shoes
29. IL Volo CD

30. Brussel Sprouts (that Jenni made for Thanksgiving)
31. 2 litre of Coke
32. Jewelry supplies
33. Copper foil
34. Solder for stained glass
35. Steamed Mussels
36. Lobster
37. Corn on the Cob
38. More followers for this blog
39. TheraMat

40. Learn Yoga
41. Scented Geranium
42. Food Network Magazine
43. Food processor
44. Marble Cutting Board
45. Wok
46. Knives
47. Moscato Wine
48. Pama Pomegranate Liqueur

49. Beef Jerky
50. Live to be see my fifty first birthday !

I know that was goofy.  It was harder to think of 50 things than I thought it would be.  It wasn't like putting together a Christmas list.  Some of the things I hope to have before my next birthday. 

* Please don't forget to leave a comment, so that I know you were here.  I made it easier to do.  If you've tried in the past.

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