Monday, June 20, 2011

Afternoon Delight

We decided we wanted to eat early today since I have to work the overnight shift at 12:00 AM.   My hubby started the gas grill.  I had the soaked corn on the cob in the husk in water for about an hour.  Then I put together the Mozzarella Basil Tomatoes.  Made a foil liner coated with Olive Oil.  Sliced tomatoes.  Placed fresh chopped basil (that I grew from seed and just cut for the first time today).  Added the fresh chunks of mozzarella.

OK here's where the story gets funnier and funnier.  My husband preheats the grill.  Now the neighbors (we like to call them the porch people) start watching this.  We think they are wondering whats he doing lighting the grill on Monday afternoon at 3:00 PM?  Is there a party or is somebody coming over.  No its our dinner since we are both are home at the same time.  We have a plan.

Then in comes hubby back in the how.  Quotes now "Guess what?  The porch people are watching me and we're out of gas.  I don't want the porch people to know. "  So he acted like the grill was hot and we heated the oven up.  Then he acted like he was carrying the hot (NOT) pans into the house with potholders.   You had to be there.  Then we cooked it in the oven for an hour.  Broiled the tomatoes to brown the mozzarella on the tomatoes.

I know this was a lot of detail but it was so good.   We also had coleslaw and strawberries with whipped creme.  Then Spotz gave us the highlight of the event eating the left over kernels off the cob. 

You got to play the video.  I promise it was worth reading my lead in.

One more detail was the cat display that my husband was working on in the garage for the past week.  He was our part of our table scape.  Candle burning on the side and actually sitting down for our meal at the table.  It doesn't get any better than this.

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