Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sometimes I have to remind myself to KISS (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID).  Today I am making a pot roast.  My hubby likes nothing better than meat and potatoes.  I know a lot of times I will add one ingredient and he feels I ruined it.  He'll say "I'm sorry but there is some flavor, I don't know what it is but..." 

All I did with the pot roast was chop up potatoes, carrots and onions.  I added frozen southwestern style corn, water, salt, pepper and worcestshire sauce.  I am going to bake it all day on 250 degrees.  Now KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID - don't add anything else.  You don't know how hard that is for me.

This reminds me of when I was growing up.  Mom would bake a pot roast like this, and I can still remember the smell.

She used her largest corning ware dish.  It had the trivet and the detachable handle.   

That really does bring back memories.  Good comfort food.  My quest will be to get a set like it.   Well it help me make a better pot roast?  I hope so.  But I am missing one thing - a bay leaf.  Oh well. 

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